Niallerflys - Drinking and Fitness

Most people tend to wonder if whatever they drink affects their fitness one way or another. The truth is that drinking and fitness go hand in hand.

How drinking affects fitness

One has a way of affecting the other. Drinking in this case refers to the consumption of beverages with alcohol. How does drinking affect fitness? 

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One way drinking might affect fitness is the calories that most alcoholic drinks have. The calories that most drinks have ranges from 159-180 calories in one pint, and this will replace the calories that were lost during fitness making it one cycle of loosing and replacing hence leading to stagnation. And in an instance where one has more than one drink, then the fitness part will be of no use. With alcohol in the body system , the body concentrates more on metabolising the alcohol instead of burning the fats, hence making exercises after a drink useless. This just proves how much drinking and fitness are interdependent. The less you drink, the more fit you will become.

The hangover part of drinking is another thing that affects excersice. For one to be fit or to stay fit, a lot of physical excersices has to be done. However it is quite hard to exercise with a hangover and this can affect the exercise schedule one had already established. Also drinking causes dehydration, making it very hard to really exercise with an already dehydrated body. It is also important to note that drinking greatly reduces sleep making the human growth hormone output greatly decrease. This hormone is very important in muscle building hence making it very difficult to build muscles. It is very clear that drinking and fitness relate to each other and hence if you want to stay fit, then it is advisable to trade in the beer bottle for a bottle of water. Water compliments fitness and makes it easier to exercise for longer periods as the body is properly hydrated